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Sierra Cup Classic is an independent high school marching band field show competition, no longer affiliated with Western Band Association, hosted at the famous Bulldog Stadium by the Bulldog Marching Band. SCC was founded by current Director of Bands Dr. Gary P. Gilroy in 1997, and remains one of the premier field show competitions on the West Coast as it continues into its 22nd year. Each year the Bulldog Marching Band gives an exhibition performance of one of their shows from the current season. For more information about SCC, please click here.

Fresno State Band Day is an event the Bulldog Marching Band hosts as an opportunity for high school bands from across California to find out what it's like to perform at a Fresno State football game. More than 1,500 high school students join the BMB to experience Bulldog Football in all its glory and put on an electrifying halftime performance for the Red Wave. For more information about Band Day, please click here.

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