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President's Quintet

The President's Quintet is a scholarship woodwind ensemble whose members are selected by audition. Scholarship monies are funded through the Office of the President. The Quintet is a premiere honors ensemble for highly talented music students. Members of the ensemble become familiar with a vast array of examples from the woodwind quintet repertoire, from standard staples to more diverse styles. Through participation in the ensemble, students gain an increased awareness of professionalism, increased performance experience, honed entrepreneurial skills, and a sense of community.


In previous years, the outstanding ensemble has toured Europe, Asia, New York City, and California. Highlights of accomplishments include a summer study and tour of Italy in 1989 and an invitation to perform for Secretary of State James Baker and California Governor George Deukmejian at the centennial ceremonies of Yosemite National Park in 1991. Funding for tours and commissions is provided in large part by the California State University, Fresno Associated Students, Inc., as well as by income generated from concert receipts and the generous donations of patrons.


The Quintet was founded in 1979 and directed by John R. Heard. The ensemble was passed on to Dr. James H. Winter in 1982 and then to Dr. Jose A. Diaz in 1987. Since 1991, coaching responsibilities have been rotated amongst all of the woodwind faculty. Dr. Teresa Beaman currently directs the ensemble.


For more information, please contact director Dr. Teresa Beaman.

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