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About Red Wave Indoor

The history of Red Wave Indoor is best explained in the words of its founding director, Joseph Avery:


"Personally, I have been trying to start an independent ensemble in the Fresno/Clovis area for almost 7 years. There is so much talent in the Central Valley, and most of it leaves for Southern California, as there wasn't much of an outlet here. It wasn't until Fresno State Associate Director of Bands Steve McKeithen came along that the idea finally came into a realistic possibility. Steve has been monumental in orchestrating the logistical ends of the program, including the creation of the class through the university, the financial backing for equipment, and gaining the support of the rest of the faculty at Fresno State."

Red Wave Indoor is a new and young group that is a force to be reckoned with.


Right now the group is going to take things slow and build the right way so that it has the possibility to stay and grow for a long time. This year, it is very cheap to join, and is staying local. The hope was to give the members something that they could have a blast doing and pave a solid path for the future. That is not stopping the group from pulling out all the stops though; a custom floor, uniform, and show will make for a great first season.

Looking ahead, the future is bright.


Next year the group plans on becoming more competitive. In addition to competing locally, the group plans to travel to SCPA finals, WGI Western Championships in San Bernardino, and an NCPA show. In 2019, the group will travel to Dayton, Ohio to compete in WGI World Championships in the Independent Open Class. After that, the goal will be working towards bumping up to World Class and continuing to move up the ranks. All the while, the group plans to strive to continue to be an inexpensive, but highly competitive ensemble. Through partnership with the Bulldog Marching Band, RWI hopes to see more people auditioning each fall. Likewise, the Bulldog Marching Band hopes to keep members of RWI busy in the fall in one of the finest college marching percussion programs on the West Coast.

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