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Esperanza Tovar

Color Guard Instructor

Esperanza Tovar has performed in and taught color guard for the past 13 years. Upon Graduating from Madera South High School, she went on to a 4-year career in Drum Corps International, which included: Vanguard Cadets, Mandarins, Santa Clara Vanguard, Blue Devils, and Blue Devils International Corps. She also performed for four years with the Imbue, a world-class winter guard based out of Modesto, and two years with the Bulldog Marching Band. As a cast member of Blue Devils Entertainment, she has performed in the pre-game show of Super Bowl 50 and has taught color guard clinics in Guatemala, Mexico, Taiwan, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Tovar currently designs and instructs the high school and Jr. high feeder program in Selma Unified School District. During the summer, she assists in teaching various color guard clinics around the country with System Blue. As the Director of the BMB Guard Program, Esperanza is the primary instructor and designer and is excited to build a premier, collegiate guard program at Fresno State.


Esperanza Tovar
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