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Bulldog Beat

Music 117BB

Course ID#: 72436

Meeting Times: Tues. 9:00-10:30pm

Course Information



The Bulldog Beat is the core of the Bulldog Marching Band, showcasing some of the music department's finest musicians. Bulldog Beat members receive one of the highest amounted scholarships in the music department as compensation for their dedicated participation in the BMB, Bulldog Basketball Band, and other performances throughout the year. Inspired by the Disney All-American College Band and mimicking the Green Garter Band at Oregon, Beat plays an exciting mixture of rock, funk, pop, and show music. The Beat is divided into two groups, Uptown Bulldog Beat and Downtown Bulldog Beat, that perform separately and jointly at various campus and community events. Instrumentation is determined each year through auditions held in the spring. Members are required to audition again in the spring to determine retention of their spot. Again, Beat members are required to participate in BMB and Basketball Band. Bulldog Beat is under the direction of  Steve McKeithen and student leaders Jacob Cardona and Jason Cruz.

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