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The Sierra Cup Classic

is an independent high school marching band field show competition, hosted at Valley Children's Stadium by the Bulldog Marching Band. SCC was founded by the current Fresno State Director of Bands, Dr. Gary P. Gilroy, in 1997, and remains one of the premier field show competitions on the West Coast as it continues into its 25th year. Each year the Bulldog Marching Band gives an exhibition performance of one of their shows from the current season.

Schedule TBA

2022 Results

Prelims Medalists

Class A

1st - Justin Garza HS

2nd - Foothill HS

3rd - Exeter Union HS

Class AA

1st - Selma HS

2nd - Sanger HS

3rd - Central East HS

Class AAA

1st - Clovis West HS

2nd - Golden West HS

3rd - Ridgeview HS


1st - Buchanan HS

2nd - Clovis North Educational Center

3rd - Exeter Union HS

4th TIE - Clovis East HS & Lynbrook HS

6th - Kingsburg HS

7th - Saratoga HS

8th - Clovis East HS

9th - Lemoore HS

10th - Golden West HS

Full Score Recap

Class AAAA

1st - Lynbrook HS

2nd - Kingsburg HS

3rd - Lemoore HS


1st - Clovis North Educational Center

2nd - Clovis HS

3rd - Buchanan HS

Full Score Recap
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